Sunday, March 29, 2015

El Cañón del Gran Salchicha

Some weeks back I managed to finish a quick paint project before sinking my teeth in to the Feudal troops.  At Vapnartak I had picked up an Irregular Miniatures Renaissance Cannon for a bargain price (about £2 IIRC).  I was able to mate this with some classic GW empire artillery crew from the lead pile:

I went for a green and blue scheme, influenced by painting the cannon first, I wanted to add some striping to the gun to give it a more decorative finish; as a result it was only natural to carry this through to the crew.

No idea when I will have use for these, but it was a pretty little exercise nevertheless.  The state of Focaccia now boasts three cannon, it may be time for a school of artillery and an attendant artillery train...


  1. Hey! I saw your General on the winged lion and I was wondering where you got the wings from? They fit together nicely!!!

  2. They're old metal Pegasus wings from GW, that I managed to get via ebay. The apparent 'fit' is thanks to a lot of greenstuff work. The poor animal is a mess under all that, but I was able to cover it up with the saddle and some extra armour effects.