Monday, March 02, 2015

200 Objects of Waterloo

There is a pretty well known (amongst us War-gamers anyway) anniversary coming up later this year, and the National Army Museum is commemorating it with a variety of coverage:

In particular I was taken with the 200 objects section of historical artefacts, which includes a variety of items relating to or from the battle itself; one can only wonder at the tale attached to this breastplate, which is as matter as fact about the reality of war as one could ever be faced by:

Events are ongoing around the country for this, along with debate on the historical impact of the defeat of Napoleon on the European and worldwide landscape of today.  There are from a British and European standpoint other significant military anniversaries this year (as every year I guess, which in some ways is rather sad) but few have as lasting a legacy as the end of the Hundred Days campaign...


  1. Bet you that hurt in the morning!


  2. That is the cuirass of Carabinier Antoine Faveau.

    Certainly a quick death.

  3. Saw that on a visit to Paris, it's a sobering experience seeing it in front of you.

  4. Interesting snippet here - google tranlsate suffered a bit with Carabinier.. :o)