Saturday, April 28, 2012

Small among the Watchtower

Ah, the return of the title puns, a pretty laboured one too; but it serves to introduce the game of Warhammer I had last week at the HEART club in Leeds.  It was my mainly Goblinoid army against the might of the High Elves, commanded by Mike.  We rolled off for a scenario in our 2000 point match up and got the Watchtower scenario:

Although I won control of the tower, I had no infantry unit small enough to occupy it at the start of the game. So my troops instead formed a solid mass before it:

The High Elves earned first turn and cheesily, but legitimately, conga-lined a unit of Swordmasters into the watchtower (as you can see, more of a house).  The Goblins advanced in turn cautiously and in the first couple of turns, action was slight.

The only thing of note really being the argument that broke out as to who was responsible for breaking the Goblin artillery:

On the flanks, the Elves largely outclassed the Goblinoid cavalry, chasing off the spider riders with ease.  But the Wolf riders proved remarkably stubborn draining Mikes reserves of time rather than manpower.  By now the Orc big uns and their warboss were smashing their way in to the tower.

The Orcs were losing a great many to magical ravages, and though the Swordmasters were done for a handful of Orcs could not hold the tower against a unit of Spears who arrived, soon subborted by Dragonhelm knights.

But the Knights found themselves under the gun of an able and feisty goblin wizard who maintained a barrage of Bad moon curses, four in the late stages of the game, to hammer any Elves who approached the tower.

Under this covering fire, Rallied goblins skittered in to the tower, evicting but a handful of despondent Elves. I then needed to roll only a 2+ to end the game and win.

Of course, I rolled a one!  and on the final turn Mike rallied another unit into the fray and the Goblins were evicted in turn.  Mike held the tower by the skin of his teeth, but that was all he needed to do to win.

Still it was a grand game, that swung wildly and balanced on a knife edge turn by turn.

Elsewhere the club was packed, and many games were going on; of note, a large number of players were enjoying Heroclix:

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