Friday, April 13, 2012

Parade - Part I: Croatia and Bosnia

After a short game of Force on Force, as covered last week, I was able to get the models onto a table for a little proper photography.  Nothing fancy, but an opportunity to show what I have to you all out there.  In fact there is easily enough to justifiably spread over two features, so for the first one I'll present the slightly less bad guys - The Croatian and Bosnian coalition armour:

Now it goes without saying, it's a real mixed batch, both of historical (and sometimes slightly spurious) equipment and model manufacturers; but as people will ask, I'll do my best to identify things in the close ups below.

So top left is a Matchbox delivery van/light truck with a converted rear (IIRC the original had a garish soft drinks payload); next to that is a UM models Su76m in ZNG militia colours.  Centre rear is a tatty old Airfix T34-85, not a great model, with added armour with Bosnian colours.  Beside that is a Resin M18 Hellcat of unknown provenance, with one of my two Croatian T55's to it's right.  These are I believe Red Star models, in resin and with converted armour.

On the next row you can just see a Majorette tractor with a scratch built Patroller next to it, based on an old GMC duece and a half chassis.  An Ace Models BTR60p is next and then another scratch built Croat armoured lorry.

Here we can see the T55's again, along with an ESCI/Italieri Opel Blitz.  To the right of that is a ZPU 14.5mm AA gun from Liberation Miniatures and in the Centre is another Russian kit of an SU100, again with converted side skirts.  The silver Mercedes is I think Majorette.

Here, the bulldozer came from a supermarket toy set, the tractor is Majorette again (a good source in general - anything from 1:60 to 1:80 scale looks acceptable in 20mm).  The transit lorry was a charity shop find and the white truck is another multipack child's toy.

Lastly here, the pair of soviet 6x4 trucks (Zil 157's?) are by a company called Omega-K and I don't know, as for many of these items, if they are still available.  The Green Armija truck is another treatment of the first white lorry in the background.  You can also just see another Majorette 4x4 on the edge of frame.

So as you can see, you have to search far and wide, and be inventive to get a good sized force together.  Next time the slightly more bad guys; Serbia.


  1. Nice selection. Only the silver Mercedes does not fit. It is a S210 Baureihe whixh was fitrat sold in 1996 and if I get your previous posts right your games are set at the beginning of the Balkans war.



  2. A great collection. I didn't know the Serbs had SU76s and SU100s.

  3. Pete: I've had intelligence documents that listed both as in the reserves of the FYR. IIRC I've seen one photo of an SU76, but I can't categorically prove SU100's were ever used in anger. Some things you have to allow a little wriggle room for, much like with some of the civilian cars...