Monday, April 16, 2012

Parade - Part II: Serbia and Infantry

Here we go with part two of the collection, the notionally Serbian equipment.

As you'll gather from the group shot above, the Serbs have a better selection of heavy equipment.  Details follow below:

At the back are a pair of M84's, the improved Yugoslavian version of the T72.  These are conversions of the old(ish) Revell T80 kit, with considerable modification of the turret in particular.  Next to those are a pair of PST Models' T55a's.  In the middle are my scratch built M60p armoured carrier and a Fujimi M36 Jackson.  Yugoslavia was supplied with many of these in the 1950's, though more properly it should be the B2 variant with a light armoured cover for the turret.  The front row here is formed of two Omega -K BTR152's and a Zil 157 truck.

Here of note are another Russian model heavy truck - front and left, but in this case I cannot recall the manufacturer.  Next to it is a Skytrex, metal, BRDM-2; behind that is a Liberation Models jeep,with recoilless rifle and a ZSU23-2 AA gun.  To their left is an Ace Models BMP1; an ill-named company, as the model itself is an absolute dog!

Lastly for the models There is a Majorette Camper van and a Swat team van from Matchbox in the guise of the Serbian Police.  Behind them is a one-ton Landrover, now sold by Airfix, which does a good impression of the Pinzgauer that the Yugoslavs license built.  Alongside that is a converted Renault fire truck, produced over twenty years ago by Heller, now almost certainly not available.  Then at the back is my Ace Models SAM2 and an Omega-K  BTR152K command vehicle.

I have hundreds of infantry models, and most of them are 20mm plastics, mainly from ESCI/Italieri, Orion, Airfix and Matchbox, there are a handful of metal models, which are repaints of things I'd had kicking around from way back too; these are mainly old Platoon20 miniatures.

Above are some of my Croat Tiger Battalion, paint and slight physical conversions of Matchbox Royal Marines; a classic set.  The Tiger battalion was well provided with foreign equipment, and whilst this set of figures may not be perfect matches, they are close enough, and have the advantage of having Berets!

Here is a Serbian militia mortar operated by an Orion Modern Russians crew.  The mortar itself is a rather simple Matchbox model.

More of the Orion Russians above in the role of Croatian Regulars.  Note the archetypal Croatian army camouflage modelled I believe on German equipment of the period.

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