Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Pledge to Review Colonial Brits

I've moved to quarterly reporting of my painting Pledge, to stop it ending up eventually at the top of the topic labels, and so I don't have to make you labour through quite such a nerdy blow-by-blow reportage (though of course, that is a lot of what a Blog is!).

Numbers wise I've hit 169 against a target of 90.  So very nearly double.  This despite acheiving very little in numbers in March.  However this can in part be put down to making a fair bit of scenery, and in part due to spending most of the month on some club models.  Which annoyingly took until April 1st to complete.

Therefore, this post is also a double whammy of a review of the Warlord Games/Empress Miniatures Zulu War British Line Infantry set.  The models are sold as a pack of 20 plastic infantry with four metal command, which is a good compromise, though the poses of the plastic riflemen are much more limiting than the Zulu sets are.  Basically, you can make a firing line, and... that's it.

That said they are very nice models, not as good as the Perry British Napoleonics for comparison, but better  than the Wargames Factory equivalents.  Also having simple poses makes them very easy to build.  I did a pretty good job on these, as they are for both a commission and a display game:

Plus, I love the uniforms!

However, I did decide that due to the overhang of the sun helmets I'd be best not to do the eyes, so for me they, on close, inspection are all dead inside - soulless mannequins!

If you are inventive you could make several distinct units - all kneeling, at the ready, firing and loading - but if you did they would look very samey.  I would only use these to fill out rank and file myself, and wouldn't want to use too many.  But they are excellent value.  A solid 7.5 out of 10.

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  1. This is the first picture I have seen that shows they did go with six paneled helmets, so thanks for that! The metals have four panel helmets which is incorrect. I find the exaggerated helmet seams a bit off putting, they remind me of the old Black Tree Design figures.

    Yours look very nice en masse, however.