Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PG Scenics Ruins

Some time back I was gifted a pile of resin ruins from PG Scenics with a view to seeing if I could produce some scenery for the club.  The parts are 28mm, heroically, scaled; with a view to use for modern historical games, or science fiction games from Weird World War II to Warhammer 40k.

It has to be said the parts were in some cases quite warped, though I feel this is because the bag of them was in turn a donation from the company to the clubs.  besides being flat sheets they were easy to repair.  Ten minutes on a baking tray in an oven at a low setting - around 70-80 degrees is enough to reshape the parts.

That solved I was able to fiddle around with parts to make a selection of ruins.  In the end I managed three:

Hefty wooden bases made from 3mm MDF, with a selection of scraps were added, then sanded.  The painting that followed was kept simple for, as you can see from the 28mm WWII Germans running around them in the photo's below, the models themselves are huge:

A simple case of undercoat red-brown, and then dry brushing up from that in brick shades.

Brown then sand for the bases; and no more than a quick coat of paint for the internal rooms.

PG Scenics are excellent value, and offer a range of kits, ready built models and accessories; so why not check them out.  I can't say how much use they'll see at the club, but I'm glad to have them finished and out of my apartment!

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  1. I'm looking into making a medievel skirmish table, so this looks quite interesting. Good job