Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sherman's and Tank Riders

So I've been on leave since the 23rd, and with time on my hands the other day I cobbled together another Sherman Tank squadron for my WW2 games.

Inspired by the tank rider equipped Panzer IV's of Gaz at the club, I decided to add infantry to mine.

One tank was painted some months ago and only needed infantry adding; the other two were done quickly on Xmas Eve before shooting off for the festive whathaveyou's!

Over a base of Russian Green plus a little German Camouflage Green, I built up layers of more Russian Green with with a little yellow.  This was then weathered with red-browns and yellow-browns.  The unit markings are speculative but pretty typical of the period; obviously one applies them before weathering...

The tank riders are from the Hat minibox range and excellent little sculpts, except for the figure with optional weapons; when assembled he clearly has three elbows, he's an abomination!

You can see them better in this shot:

To ensure they stay in place, each figure has been pinned to the tank; they were painted separately, given a black varnish wash and then glued in to place.

Nice quick work to fill a few idle hours whilst watching The Man Who Would Be King; classic Xmas fare!


  1. Fantastic work on the Shermans. Really look good.

  2. Very nice painting! I like the tank riders.

  3. Even though I am not a 'historical' gamer, I liked seeing these - nice work indeed. :)

  4. Three elbows - able to reach those parts best left alone!
    The Man Who Would Be King - Gods holy trousers the best film this week.