Tuesday, December 06, 2011

November was a busy Month

Indeed, What with the prep for Recon and a bunch of terrain I knocked up I've managed one of my best Pledge months of the year.

All in all I score myself  76 points for the month; including the following:

Six Agincourt period handgunners.  I have a total of 14 handgunners now, I think, but for Poitiers these were not required.  Still, it was easy enough to paint these chaps alongside the other Medieval output of the month.

Once all the Hundred Years War models were painted, I grabbed some other models from the stockpile to which I could apply the same wash techniques:

A converted Skull Pass Troll, done in the very simplest of fashions; yes, I probably should have done some work on the wrist joints, this chap won't win any beauty pageants.  But he was a real quickie.  As were ten more 6th edition Orcs:

These bring my main unit of Orcs with twin Choppa's to 40 strong.  Every model had a weapon or arm reposed to improve the appearance and ranking of the unit, and once painted, they were integrated to multi-figure bases.

These aside there was also 11 Us Infantry for my 20mm WW2 troops, the two previously shown Stuart Tanks and the oft aforementioned Medievals.  Bringing the total to 76.  That's 501 points this year with one month to go.

After a few lacklustre summer months, it's good to be on track again.

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