Sunday, December 11, 2011

Garden of Morr

The last of this year's commissions was the Games Workshop funereal scenery set; The Garden of Morr:

As with most of their recent scenery sets, this is both ambitious and ingenious, and certainly one of the nicest of their sets I've had the opportunity to work on.  Really characterful despite the fundamental simplicity of the parts; the walls and bases are single-piece castings and the mausoleums are no more than four parts each.

The completed set is impressive:

 Zombie for scale only; though he probably is also visiting relatives for lunch!

As it is all separate components, you can either create a single graveyard, or use the parts piecemeal for a varied effect.

And so a word on the painting.  These models really were a joy to paint, and much easier to do than I first thought they would be.  After spraying every thing black, before attaching the mausoleums to their bases, I worked up in dry-brushed layers of greys first, then doing the brown earth, and finally going back for the details.

There are more skulls, you just cant see them in this angle; wouldn't be GW without 'em!

Once the bases and buildings were painted this way separately, I then glued them to the bases.  As you can see from the one above there are lots of characterful details on the models, which are obviously ideal for the Empire or Sylvania; but could also serve for pulp and Lovecraftian horror gamers.

At £25 or so from GW, I have to say this set is pretty good value, effectively 4 easy to build structures plus close to two feet of walls.  Regular readers will know I'm not a partisan fan of Games Workshop and their pricing; but this product to me seems pretty good.

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