Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pudsey Recon - Poitiers 1356 Refought

My big game was an aim to get a goodly load of my 28mm Medievals collection on to a table, and thankfully by the end of set up, I'd done that much at least.

I took the Osprey Campaign book largely at it's word for deployments, but made some variations to the forces, both to reflect the other historical accounts and my available figure collection.  In the end I used every mounted knight I had and 905 of my foot figures, putting just over 600 models on the table.

The French formed in three lines, German pike to the fore, with City Pavisiers behind, backed up by the King's men at arms and Brigans.  The wings were comprised mostly of mounted knights intended to rout the English bowmen.

For the English, one flank was placed guarding the hedgerow, with a centre of men at arms and Gascon infantry, whilst the other flank deployed in the open between woodland, with marshes to their rear.

The opening moves saw the French knights impetuously charge towards the marshes, initially to some success.

But this attack drew out the mounted Gascon reserve, and soon a large melee was developing here, whilst the rest of the French army tried to advance.

And, I'll not lie.  This was as far as we got on the day before I was sidetracked and worn out.  There was a little more action, and I took some snaps during a repose.  But the table was later reset for viewers, and eventually packed away.

In game terms though, the French needed to pull back their cavalry and get the heavy infantry, of whom they had a great many available, involved.  Their horse were slowly being whittled away for little return.

The day was a tiring one for me, but not at all bad.  Better than the boredom I felt at Wartorn!

It felt like I'd put on a proper game this time.  But I want some better terrain for the next effort.  And I suppose the next question would be what to try next time?

'Modern' warfare is tempting me...


  1. Ooh, very cool looking figures and game. Best, Dean

  2. kept meaning to pop across from the L&L stand to have a chat, but never seemed to make it. Looked a good game.