Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dawn of War(hammer)

Myself and James played a 2000 pointer of Warhammer the other weekend, James is an old time WFB player but new to 8th edition (a late arrival) so the game was admittedly played at a slow pace.

The randomised scenario was the Dawn Attack, and I found myself with one of my key units out on a flank miles away from the rest of the army, with virtually nothing of the enemy anywhere near them.  Prior to battle my plan had been to use large units of Ghouls to support a small force of Grave Guard and some elite troops; it was looking a little less certain now.

As for James, most of his Warriors of Chaos were clumped together.  The nature of this scenario is such that once you've deployed any unit, the temptation to deploy other units in the same area, simply next to it, becomes overwhelming.  The terrain funnelled us into certain zones too.

Battle joined the problem with my ghouls was even more apparent, as they were unable to march.  Their slow plod began whilst the rest of the army rushed at the Warriors.  I was confident I could beat most of his units, but to do so I would have to carefully coordinate my charges with some magic and a little luck.

My other unit of Ghouls, and my Wraiths got stuck in and used their natural advantages to tie up James centre.  The Black Coach seemed determined only to reduce my spell casting ability, but in general it wasn't a problem yet.

I got stuck in to the marauders with the Grave Guard and soon they were routed.  This left the Black Coach the job of destroying the Chaos Warriors which with a few bad rolls, it abjectly failed to do.

Still, James had no magic left and only one significant unit left.  But when battle was joined with my Grave Guard.

They came out as the victors.  The Vampire Counts Achilles Heel struck once again.  When the lead Vampire dies the army is pretty much stuffed.  I had a fair amount of troops left on paper, but their points value amounted to only a few hundred, and double that had just been wiped out by the Warriors.  It was only right that I concede; it was pretty much time to pack up after all!

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  1. Dean- I have to say I thought you were trouncing me. You had routed my Khornate Warriors, both my units of Marauders along with the chaff Warhounds/Horsemen.

    However not for the first time my unmarked Warriors came through for me. I think I had a couple of lucky rolls in that crucial combat with Grave Guard- I was certainly surprised how just one round of combat turned the game.

    Thanks again for game and for talking me through the new rules.