Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparta Immortal

With the arrival of Hail Caesar I've been working on some of the new (to me) Immortal Miniatures Spartans.  So far I've cranked out one unit solely of the models, and have enough left to make another unit with the addition of the left over metal miniatures from the last time I touched this project.

Some thoughts on the models as presented?  Well, they certainly look the part, but the actual detail reminds me of the 80's vintage metals I have in the back ranks of the army, a little soft, a little simplified at times.  Also annoyingly, the models are sold as a pack of 24 figures, but for want of some extra left arms the box contains enough parts for 32 models.  This is infuriating to the economy conscious gamer, for the sake of adding some spare parts they could have given the buyer better value. 

I don't think it's malicious, just poor organisation, at a basic 50p a model they are dirt cheap, but they could have made them cheaper still, as it stands it's more a case of giving you wasted plastic.  Better sprue design could have solved the problem too.  As it was I added parts from the bag of Numidian spares I kept to allow me to use all 32 figures.

I also thought it best to knock out a couple of generals, one with Immortal figures, the other with a characterful Black Tree mini:

He's a bit full frontal, but classically Spartan.  He'll make a fine General Brasidas.  A couple of rocks give him an excellent standpoint to oversee any action.


  1. Very nice. Great painting and very well set up.

  2. I thought Stephen May had done an excellent job with the range. The reason for the excess pieces is that in the Hoplite box there are 32 figures. It's only the Spartan box that has 24.

  3. Paul: This would be valid as an arguement, though still frustrating, were not the two sets sold for the same price in most retailers. Effectively the Spartans are more expensive for no good reason.

    They are good models, and obvoiusly better value than metals, but this does let them down somewhat in my opinion.