Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's late and a less than stellar weekend is coming to an end, but with the last of my Calimocho to finish I manage to get enough of a signal on my questionable broadband connection to pop up a couple of photo's of recent projects, bot quickies. 

Firstly I found a cheap piece of resin scenery in the bottom of a box of junk I was given and knocked up this:

A ruined herd stone.   Made ruined by the simple expedient of hitting it with a steel ruler a few times to put those neat fresh breaks in.  No complexities in the paint job, other than to say the green affect is a reasonably effective attempt at lichen growth.

Next up, some more of the Zvezda Art of Tactic models, for eBay:

1940 model KV1's.  Excellent little six-part kits at around £2.75 each, a bargain compared to any resin or metal model on the market.  Already for sale on eBay and hopefully they will turn a neat little profit, as I have plans for the Spartans (especially after watching '300' last night - not as bad as I expected) and a Pirate ship...

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