Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don't Dwell on It!

One hears tales of the implausible victory and game that ends before it begins, but very rarely, you are the teller of the tale itself. 

I lined up my Dogs of War against James new Wood Elf army for a 1500 point game.  James had a large unit of Bowmen containing his General and Army standard, backed up by a couple of units of Dryads, a Treeman and a handful more bows.  I was using a version of my Dogs playing to their strength in mobility, with only one formed body of foot, the Cursed Company to act as a centre.

We rolled for the scenario and got Blood and Glory.  A game based on fortitude points.  Both sides had 5 points but mine were well dispersed where his were concentrated in his general's unit.

I got first turn and so moved to outflank James' position.  Then it was time for the magic phase.

Before hand I'd picked Life magic for one of my mages and they'd been lucky enough to roll up the Dwellers Below spell (ideal for knobbling feeble foes like Wood Elves).  I chanced casting it with six dice on James' main unit, rolling successfully without a miscast.  James failed to dispel it and lost his General, Army Standard and nine bows as a result.

It automatically meant he had lost on fortitude points.

Game over!

Oh how we laughed, neither of us had had such a short game.  Scarcely 5 minutes from start to finish.  To be fair we reset and picked a different scenario and James won a closer battle, but I do remain his bugbear opponent.  Though this one was purely down to luck!

Five minutes and no casualties on my side.  Can anyone top that?


  1. A very impressive win in the first game. I can't top that but did effectivly win a F.O.W game by turn 3 once. Lucky dice.

  2. Ouch! Still, a lesson for us all about eggs in one basket...


  3. Many moons ago playing WRG6th I issued a challenge against my opponents general. I won and on seeing their general defeated the whole of the opposing army (Normans I think) ran away.