Monday, July 04, 2011

Arrh! Ye Scurvy Dawgs!

Much of my painting output in June ended up as a single subject, for another skirmish game:

Freebooters Fate is a German game with tasty figures and simple game play, that doesn't readily lend itself to being ruined by Cheesy play; the game itself features an alternate reality, with a few elements of fantasy (it features goblins and a hint of magical effects), but I have to forgive that given it contains, well, Pirates!

Being a skirmish game, I've spent a lot more time than normal on the models, and so alongside other major, non-painting, projects of late I produced a lot less in the month.  still I have a full crew for the game now.

First of these are the deckhands, essentially the core choices.  My starter set contained a standard Pirate with a pistol and a Chuchillo, or knife expert.

Next up are a couple of specialists, firstly for me is 'The Lady', a woman of mystery who wields a huge axe cum pistol.

The skirt was very satisfying to complete, but then so were many of the other details here.  Is it me or does she look a bit like Angelina Jolie?

Incidentally the bases are a metal textured plate that fits into the plastic former.  An odd solution and one that I'm not convinced works perfectly.

My other specialist is another woman; Curly Ann.

Very nice to have a go at a different skin tone, lovely rich colours as a whole.  Not wholly convinced by the pose, but it remains my favourite despite that.

Finally you need a leader, and my starter set provided Captain Rosso:

A big and complex model, I should really have left the cot off until the end.  Still the overall effect was pleasing.  A real riot of colour.

I was particularly happy with coat in the end.  Painting 150 British scarlet jackets really cues you for doing a number on an object like this.

And so these are ready for the table.  I had time to start another project in June, but not finish it, so the measly results of these, some Napoleonics generals and four half tracks is that I only scored myself a feeble 23 points on the month.

Quality, not quantity.


  1. Saw this at Salute this year. really nice models, I'd be interested in the gameplay too.

  2. Very nicely done. These are awesome.

  3. Like those a lot. I'll be interested to see how the game plays.