Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Scenic Devices II

A lot of effort has been expended on my part in the last few weeks on my little project for LWGC/NightOwls.  Several evenings were simply spent applying the tile adhesive to the surface.  Especially hard around the detailed bits!

Having got that out the way I spent two sessions just putting a base coat of chocolate brown on everything.

Two points here, firstly I forgot to do the edges at this stage, and secondly you can see here that the boards have warped somewhat.  There are a number of solutions to this of course, but not once the damage is done; it's a learning process of course, but next time thicker wood or a layer of foam first would have done wonders.  As it was the sealant didn't do enough.

Once the brown had dried, I could go back over it with several layers of green, initially a heavy over-brush of dark green, followed by several dry brush layers rising to a yellowy lime.

Additionally the roads, woods and fields had differing finishes applied.

Not quite finished then, but near enough to get a real impression of them.  Still things to do, but the Italian Sahariana's don't seem to mind (no sign of an enemy, so their happy!)

So a six by four table is pretty much done in a suitably generic fashion.  Next up are the trenches and then the parts for the village.  But before that I'm sure they'll have seen their first games and no doubt some wear and tear too.



  1. Brilliant. They look great so far. They will be fantastic as long as you have the room for storage.

  2. They're for the Leeds Wagames Centre; presently he has room for 21 six by four foot tables, with plans for more space in time. Storage is an issue as I've generally found club members to be surprisingly disrespectful of terrain. Anyone damaging them will get a good kicking off me!