Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too Much Lead moves house

A personal update more than anything, and I do try to keep these to a minimum on the blog.

Normal service will be resumed shortly, but yesterday I received the exciting news that my apartment block had been selected to be condemned! On the ground of being the sort of glossily finished fire hazard more normally found in Bulgarian Ski resorts, or rush-job Shang-Hai office blocks!  Apparently it's a death trap.

So today I move house, to as yet I know not where; aside from the normal ephemera of home life, this will also mean shifting the mountain of lead and plastic once again, which at least is usually an opportune moment for a clear out and to blow the dust off a few cherished items.

Still, it's all a bit sudden, and the last thing I had in mind to do just now...


  1. Moving is a pain in the arse but especially when it's not planned like this, make sure the figures are well wrapped for transport.

  2. Woooo dude... I hope for the best for you. Find a good landing spot.

  3. Oh wow! What a thing to happen. Good luck with the move and I hope it all works out right.