Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kings of War - Historical?

This website has a set of adaptions of the Mantic Kings of War rules to cover ancient wargaming; this year is going to be the year of a successor to Warhammer Ancients, and having the advantage of being fast to play and free to acquire, these may have a chance as that successor. 

That said, they only cover Rome versus 'The Barbarians' at present and I haven't yet tried them.  #still these plus a copy of  KoW would make for a simple and accessible introduction to ancient gaming for the otherwise Fantasy enthused set.

Assuming you've managed to draw them away from Warhammer Fantasy in the first place!

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  1. Good news! There are now three supplements: Rome's Rise and Fall, Viking Age, and English Civil War. The Rome's Rise and Fall supplement now includes all of Rome's armies as well as its enemies. The Viking Age supplement includes pretty much all of Europe between 800CE and 1100CE. And the English Civil War supplement, written by Thaddeus Urban, covers the English Civil War!