Monday, March 07, 2011

Blood Angels Commission

Finally, after two months effort these blighters are finished:

The recent limited edition Space Hulk terminators are awesome sculpts, but my word they took some time to paint properly, which after all was what the buyer paid for!

I got a nice rich red consistently across all the models and made sure all those fiddly little details were covered.

The centrepieces to the group are the Terminator Librarian and the dead Marine resting on his laurels (well, in a chair).
There's plenty of variety in the poses, which seem to loosely form two squads of five, with the addition of a close combat specialist as shown above.  All those chains, skulls and bronze eagles made the job very time consuming.

one final photo:

I've left the basing as simple as possible, I've no idea whether the buyer wants to use the models for the board game alone, or for 40k as well.

Still hopefully he'll be happy with them; I think they look great in the flesh, but after two months I'm glad to see the back of them.

All this brings me to the pledge totals for February, which after a slow start in January, picked up to a very respectable 44 models:

* Goblin Boss 
*  Type 005 
* Styx the Dog
* 10x 95th Riflemen
* 11x Terminators (the rest were in March)
* Asarnil (7 points)
* Goblin Doom Diver (3 parts - 3 points)
* Fey Duellists (photo's to follow)

Twice as many as last month.


  1. Those are really well painted, amazing work.

  2. After all that effort I'm surprised you can bring yourself to part with them. This is why I could never do commission work... that and that fact that I'm not that good a painter!