Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to the eBay

A cash injection to the wargames fund is long overdue, not least as the last such injection ended up being spent on a car, pointlessly as it turned out.

Well, I'd been procrastinating on this one for too long, it's finally time to flog off my Space Marines.  Lovely paint jobs in the main, but it's a game I just won't play any more...

 Still one of my best pieces, even though I did him 4 years ago now:

 You won't find many Space Marine Predator tanks turned out this well.  Loaded for a long campaign, not a short strike...

Still, to eBay with them, they're available HERE.

An altogether more, ahem, mercenary operation (see what I did there?) is my creation of a Swiss crossbow unit from the recent Perry Miniatures release:

 12 men from the canton of Uri.  As recommended by the pamphlet in the Perry set, the command, and a couple of the infantry are liveried, in a distinctive black and yellow combination, but most of the troops are not.  I did some light conversion to make a more appropriate commander for the unit.

 They can be found HERE.

Both these sales are active now so get bidding if you fancy what I'm offering!

It's not all for sale though, I knocked out a few oddments of scenery in the last couple of weeks, not really worth pictures though.  And I also added to my growing collection of Goblin Bosses with this chap.


  1. Aw man, why you gotta be across the ocean, I can't bid on that :(

    Nice goblin, I have him too but he doesn't look as cool as yours.

  2. It always seems such a shame to loose part of ones collection. Even if the rules that supported them are no longer favourable the miniatures themselves can always be used for other things especially when they're so well turned out.

    I agree with your observation about loaded out Marine tanks, but its always nice to see the extra little details especially on the vehicles, adds definition to a possibley characterless army. Hmm that sounds wrong, but as the old addage goes "seen one marine army seen em all" :)

    Hope they sell well.

  3. The Swiss look lovely, but I need 15mm!!!!!!

  4. Ray; Commission work considered...

    Adept; Should be available worldwide on ebay, you may have to trawl for them though...