Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent painting

At last!  The 2nd Battalion 1er Garde Imperiale are finally off the painting table:

 Now, their not my best work, but they were finished in a haze of flu, and after hanging around since before Xmas, I'm glad to see the back of them.

This brings me up to a full, if rather mixed, French Brigade of 4 Battalions.  Next for the French is some cavalry though.

Also, as if they didn't have enough already, I also painted another wizard for my Dogs of War:

 One of the original Games Workshop Battle Wizards, that went out randomly on a copy of White Dwarf aeon's ago!  I picked this chap up for a mighty 25p at the York show.

Quite happy with how the flames came out on the robes:

Glad to clear some of the backlog away, moving on to earning jobs for a few weeks!


  1. Great stuff and great blog !! Compliment

    Best regards Carlo Antonio

  2. Nice looking French unit you have there!!