Wednesday, October 06, 2010

September's numbers

September was another steady, but not overly industrious month; indeed had I not been off work sick for a couple of days I would have got rather less done!

Any way, not all of it will appear in the blog to date, or today but some of the oddments include these two 1:600th scale fantasy islands for the club:

Suitable for the occasional games of Uncharted Seas played in the club. Not bad detail for what they are.

A long malingering French Colonel was completed in time to take command of a brigade at Barrosa.

His normal nom de plume: Colonel Putain ;-)

The totals then? 77 points made up of:

8 Brettonian mercenary knights
3 Spanish houses
1 French Colonel
6 British dead/shaken markers
2 Islands
24 Spanish infantry
10 feet of River (more on this later)

815 points against a monthly target to date of 450. Still going strong, especially with another month where it was all for me!

1 comment:

  1. Don'k know why, but this month while reading your list of things painted, the "12 Days of Christmas" music started up in my head.

    On the Sixth Day Of October, AKI reported to us -
    10 feet of River,
    24 Spanish Infantry
    6 British Dead
    Three - Spanish - Houses!
    8 Brettons
    2 Islands
    annd one malingering French Colonel.

    oh well... it was funny in MY head anyway...

    Well done on the progress!