Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ruins or Tudor

A mixed bag of scenery, firstly my model for the ruined chapel on Barrosa hill:

Made from that mainstay, foam board. Knocked up and painted in an afternoon.

Next up is a more Greco-Roman ruin, also suitable for fantasy games and the like. The columns are plastic wedding cake decorations, crudely sawn into chunks, then filled with filler.

The sharp eyed may recognise a bit of GW plastic in there too.

Lastly, assembled in spare time on a otherwise busy weekend, a foam board Tudor house, with card tiling and exposed beams. Not much to look at in the raw:

But it painted up well.

Based sturdily to suit club use, it's scaled to be suitable for 20mm to 28mm gaming.


  1. Your ruins look fantastic. Just have to get my lazy arse in gear and produce some myself.

  2. The ruins are ludicrously easy, just some foam board, mdf, a craft knife, glue, sand, scatter and a selection of DIY tester pot paints is all it takes.

    I sense another tutorial...