Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oddments, mine and others

Just some quick stuff today, firstly these Americans are on eBay now:

From the Valiant US Infantry set, which to be perfectly honest, I don't like. I wouldn't buy another box, they are too large to match anything other than larger metal 20mm ranges. Still they are for sale so I should say their very nicely painted; you could become their proud owner - here: eBay Link

Secondly, a snap from a nicely painted (if in places slightly battered) Eldar army, belonging to Martin at the club.
Almost makes me wish I'd not sold my Eldar. Almost, but not quite.

Lastly, I'm on leave this week; I hesitate to call it a holiday, as I can't actually afford to go anywhere much! Still it afforded me the time to mooch around charity shop book and record collections; amongst which I found a copy of the following:

Only £4 made it a must have, good text from what I've read so far. But the illustrations are something else; the illustrator looks more at home with fashion than military topics - a group of more effeminate soldiers you are unlikely to find - and his style is also heavily influenced by The Yellow Submarine so far as I can tell.

Good enough for the earlier topics, but thoroughly unsuited to the WW2 and later topics, it includes an object lesson in how to make the Wehrmacht look like a jolly bunch, and that just should not be for so many reasons!

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