Sunday, October 03, 2010

Leeds' friendly local gaming store

What do ex Games Workshop staff do when they leave GW? Well either they run away screaming swearing to find a proper job and make a real living; or they open their own store and hope to make a living out of it that way.

Geek Games is an example of the latter, recently opened by an ex GW staffer in Yeadon, NW Leeds.

Craig's little shop still manages to pack in a modest four foot gaming table amongst the stock.

Ranges available include Warmachine, Malifaux, Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armarda, Eden and a sprinkling of GW and Mantic Games products, as well as some scenery bits and paints.

Craig's a good bloke and his little shop deserves to survive in difficult times. For directions and so forth if you fancy a visit: Try Here. He doesn't have a proper website yet, that I can find anyway!

[Edit: my thanks to Tecian for pointing me to Craig's website - Geek-Games]


  1. I've been meaning to pop up as its not far from me, i think this is his website btw -

    Do you know if he is getting FoW in ?

    Great blog, really interesting stuff and tips for us beginners !

  2. I wish him good luck and many sales . . . but since I live eight time zones away I won't have a chance to visit.

    -- Jeff