Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commissions - the 26th return

well it looks like my days of House husbandry are coming to a close in September, which is a relief, I'll say! In the mean time it had been a case of do what one can to make a bit more money, and thankfully there is always trade in the model soldier painting front (though how anyone really does it for a living is beyond me; I like painting and yet the idea of doing it all day every day fills me with dread).
The unit below is one of my rare commissions, for a chap in Spain. Normally I do all my selling on eBay, but occasionally I get a request for custom work.

A typical late war German battalion, based on the 26th Panzer Grenadiers again in this instance, much like one I showed a couple of weeks ago.

This time I went with lighter base colours, and as figure supplies dictated, a few less Zeltbahns, but more figure variety.

I found a use for the MG15 gunner as well this time. He works fine in a HQ context, but looks all wrong in a normal company set up. The officer on the left is one of my favourite models in the Valiant sets, as you get to splash a little colour on his map!

A note on the colour of the uniforms, I've been using Humbrol Acrylic no. 30 for these, I'm not even sure they officially circulate this one now, in the enamel range it is called a matt dark green, but is probably analogous to many olive greens or army greens. It suits the 'Reed Grey' of later German uniforms pretty well in my opinion; and the one good thing I can say about the Humbrol acrylics is that the withstand handling better than their competitors. That said their coverage is bad, plain bad!
If any of my readers are ever interested in a commision job, drop me a comment. I'll leave it at that.

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