Friday, August 14, 2009

Universal truth no. 191

When I play Warhammer, it always ends up in a thrashing; usually for me.

Got my Dwarves out for a nice big game, 2500points. It was to be against their arch nemesis, the High Elves, brought along by a nice chap called Rob. Some nice models too as the phot's below hopefully show. Thankfully the Dragon wasn't in play...

Deployment was something of a refused flank on my part and I was hoping to use cover as much as possible to shelter me from the deadly Bolt Throwers and a massive unit of spearmen. I'd gone anti magic heavy to neutralise the expected spell storm from the Elves, with a Runelord and a Runesmith, and lots of anti magic Runes dotted around.

That in fact was one element of the plan that worked well, I think Rob may have cast two spells all game, despite being able to attemp three or four per turn; others failed dismally. The Elves were not slowed at all by the terrain, and half of my artillery conducted itself so very, very badly (two misfires being it's only contribution to the game) that it was symbolically destroyed by the Dwarven survivors at sundown!

I tried a Dragon Slayer for the first time, and he was sort of effective, though having no armour is a real problem. My Thunderers were also having a bad day of it. But at least we were slowing him down in combat, face to face the Dwarves did ok, but the Elves kept outflanking us, and that was our undoing.

In the end only a couple of units and my redoubtable cannon remained when I chucked in the towel on turn 5. A fun game, but another piece of evidence that at 'competitive' wargames, I don't put in the practice with any one army to be successful.

Just as well that's not why I play!

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