Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blunts' Rescue

Gradually our Napoleonic games are stretching beyond small skirmishes to actions of a company size I suppose. Our last one featured about 80 miniatures, with most of the units formed up as platoons.

The scenario was a simple one this time, with the British hoping to extricate a Spanish platoon trapped at the farmhouse by advancing French forces and their allies.

The French and their allies advanced swiftly on the farm, hoping that a thin screen of skirmishers could hold the Riflemen at bay. The Spanish were thought to be a feeble opponent, but in fact delivered a devastating volley to the advancing Westphalians. Breaking one of their Platoons.
The Leger came up on their flank though, and were able to deliver similarly effective fire. The Spanish broke, and although they were to rally, they were never a threat again. The second Westphalian platoon held the farm now, although their skirmishers had been slaughtered by Blunt in close combat. His Cavalry sabre cutting down three men, before the fourth wisely fled.

The British line advanced slowly, but was forced to withdraw by Westphalian fire. Blunt, and his riflemen had to try and go it alone, and he succeeded in single combat with the French Captain; but Blunt fell to the eventual weight of numbers. Still by this stage the Westphalians were a spent force and once the British line returned they withdrew too.

But it was by now the end of the day, the Leger had seen off the last of the Rifles and without any loss of their own, withdrew to cover near the farm. The British line was closer to the building, but could not say it held the ground uncontested. A draw.

There were a number of points for clarification in the rules in this game, as it was the first time we'd used more than one formed body of men it wasn't a surprise. After the game I also considered a new system for command and control to limit the number of formations a player can operate in a turn; I've always liked the idea that you shouldn't always be able to use your whole force in a given arbitrary time frame (or turn). These thoughts led to adding some optional personal attributes for leaders to balance the restrictions and make them a little more heroic. I still want to try the rules again, but they are really coming together well now.

Still our next game will be with a commercial set of rules for comparison; I wonder what they'll be like?

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