Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Vikings - in another guise

My, now regular, club is having a little Warhammer Border Patrol campaign; to those of you not in the know, that means armies of a mere 500 points, formed of 2-4 units and one leader. For some practise matches I turned a portion of my Viking army - newly refurbished - into a trial force for my upcoming army: the Dogs of War.

Using the DoW army list I was able to assemble suitable force representing a Norse raiding party. comprising a unit of 18 raiders, 12 scouts and two small units of mounted Norsemen:

It performed ok in battle too. Thoroughly out manoeuvring a High Elf army, but losing to the massive firepower of a Dark Elf force (the new uber-cheese, I fear).

Elsewhere in the club, I was surprised to find several boardgames being played, and a game of DBM! Somewhere in the Crusades...

Though downstairs the usual sort of thing was going on:

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  1. That photo of the Imperial Guard speaks volumes for what I've never grasped about future conflicts - be it game or on the movies.

    Why are troops shoulder to shoulder?

    Surely if in todays battlegroups men are taught to use available cover and short movements, in the future as weaponry improves tactics would improve not degenerate to that of the Great War wouldn't they? Also why have we gone back to wearing brightly coloured uniforms when blending in with the background is today's choice with our "primitive" arsenal?