Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Painting totals for August and more Dogs...

I managed to fit in a fair bit of painting over the weekend, after taking most of the week off from the activity. A lack of inspiration/interest that I guess most people have at some point. I did however finish the core of my Dogs of War army, though a future post will show that they need plenty of support to become a useful force. Unfortunately, there are no proper photo's of them yet, so I'll reveal them in a another post.

In the meantime here are some work in progress shots of my army paymaster - Allesandro Panini himself:

This started life as an Empire standard bearer, from the early 90's I think. I've done some light conversion to him by adding a cloak and a set of Keys - all paymasters carry keys as a symbol of office!

I'm not the best with the sculpting skills, and I don't think my present sculpting putty is quite the quality of 'Green Stuff'; but I'm reasonably happy with the cloak, it should paint up nicely.

So, it's not quite the end of the month yet, but nothing is going to be finished before the end of it now I think, so it's time for another update. Purchases have become almost endemic, rising to 95 figures/models - this was not part of the plan and to be honest, is rather annoying. However I have now completed 212 items - almost all of which are 28mm figures. I need to get a better ratio though, so I'm going to dip into the stockpile of old models sometime soon, for a last hurrah in the year, before all the toys get packed away again.


  1. I like him - very effective - where did you get the keys from?? :o))

    "Packed away"? Does the skiing season start soon??

  2. Keys are scratchbuilt from Plasticard piping, and sheet.

    The Winter season looks like beginning at the tail end of November for me. I've another season's work lined up as a mountain guide; the plan is to take just a handful of figures to give me the option of painting, but with less clutter this time. As last season I took a whole army with me and never touched it!