Friday, August 29, 2008

Dogs of Wuss more like

I wonder how many times you can receive the hollow ring of "Well, you had the moral victory..." before it is any solace?

My Dogs of War force has accounted for itself so badly in the last two sessions I attended, that it is now languishing with 6 defeats, but lots of 'Moral Victories'. They got the nod for being painted, several times despite not being finished, and the nod for being Dogs of War - which seems to be a way of saying 'well, you're clearly not playing to win are you; I mean that is the suckiest army available surely?'

Evidently, picking an army because you like the background, or because it is pretty, or interesting from a (quasi)historical standpoint is no basis for selection in Warhammer. If I'd picked based on flavour of the month, 'which army was revamped most recently' grounds, things would have worked out much better in the win-loss ratio.

Efforts to take pictures of the games usually ground to a halt after the first defeat, being too demoralised to continue recording, not mere defeats, but embarrassing defeats at that. In one game I lost all but one figure, without causing a single casualty on the enemy, in another I set up a perfect rear attack on my enemy, only for the dice to betray me with the only result (double 1) that meant it could work; thus leaving me wide open to be wiped out next turn.

The images below come from what was relatively speaking a good showing, I killed a few Wood Elves, before being annihilated. The models for this army were lovely, so on those grounds I grudgingly show a few shots of my pathetic defeat:

Dryads versus Duellists; a more one sided fight you wouldn't find...

Until the next round when the same unit attacked my artillery crew and killed each one about four times over.
Elsewhere I consoled myself by taking a few snaps of other things standing about not being destroyed like tissue in a tropical storm. Here's some Orks facing off to the Necron menace.

Some new guy with a pretty, but apparently 'tuned to buggery' Eldar army.
An EPIC Chaos Doomwheel, looks to run down hapless imperial guards.

I've noticed that this blog is getting a bit defeatist, and a bit fantasy/sci-fi heavy today. Well such are the vagaries of gaming; personally I'd like to get some historicals in a little more often. As it is generally more balanced, and I find that winning or losing is wholly unimportant to me in a historical battle.

Warhammer/40k are very gamey, and the players tend towards the competitive; and I'm sure I've mentioned that's not my preferred style of gaming. At the moment it's what is available though; but I do have an evening of A&A War at Sea scheduled for next week, so hopefully I can have a nice change of pace then.

We'll see.

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  1. My word - you're right about those Wood Elves - they're very nice...

    As to your army - if you can enjoy playing despite the results, because your opponents are challenging, but gentlemanly in victory, then your quids in.....

    I don't mind competition minded gamers, it's whether the have a good attitude with it that decides whether I'd play them again.... :o))