Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dwarf defeat and WW2

We're not exactly bang up to date here, but as this is apropos to the pictures below, I thought I better mention my Dwarfs getting thrashed by a Czech High Elf army a couple of Sundays ago. The broad nature of it was that he, knowing I had a Dwarf army that could neutralise his magic, brought no spell casting at all, but instead used lots of small units of super fast, super hard infantry. It was a very one sided game - in which my Miners wisely never appeared on table. The defeat was comprehensive.

It was a useful learning experience, but not the most fun game I've ever played. As armies go it seemed to smell a bit of Cheese, if you know what I mean.

That over with I trawled round the rest of the club for something worth a few snaps, and found a chaps' extensive collection of 15mm WW2 Germans (for Flames of War, the only historical game most fantasy gamers seem to have heard of) that pleased the eye.

The in game shots are really let down by the plain finish on some of the club boards. As a club, I think it wouldn't hurt to texture and repaint them.

The models weren't painted by the owner, something he was honest enough to admit; sadly I didn't get the name of who was responsible; but it's tidy work.

Lastly, a bit of potatoshop action to give that pseudo-authentic look.


  1. What's cheesy about it?

    You got beat by someone who out thought your list. The question is can think of a way in which you army could have dealt with his.

  2. Personally it was a list that smacked of abusing the 'powerplaying' aspects of the given army; I'm not saying the guy didn't play fairly, but the tactical aspect of the force was mainly in the list, and how it combo'd killer items in small units. I'm a big fan of the 'spirit of the game' and now fan of tournament style play - which reduces the game to a sporting exercise of winning as the sole point of involvement. A one sided game is fun only for one side, and I'd always rather field and fight in a style that is both appropriate to the army I'm using aswell as giving both players a chance. A personal handicap, yes, but it also makes wins fell merited, rather than earn't solely because you spent hours on the net sourcing the most effective points spend for a one-dimensional uber army!