Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Clash of Warlords

Today is International Tabletop Day, did you know that?  Well, it is more of a board game inspired event, so maybe not; but the closest to gaming I'll be doing today is upkeep on the blog.  At least today I have a game to recount for you!

Myself and regular opponent Gav arranged a game at short notice, and by dint of organisational simplicity I suggested Saga as the best option.  We selected six point forces from my collection, and Gav opted for the feisty Vikings, a first outing for their sparkly new troops to gather for battle.  I as usual was left by default with the Frankish options; I opted for Carpetians, to give me access to Crossbows for my troops.  The Viking Battle Board is simplicity to use well and ideal for a beginner or occasional player, whilst the Frankish board is a finickity one that requires careful handling to deliver on it's promise.

We rolled for the battle and got the Warlords scenario.  Scenery was set up per the rules and deployment was simply done.  The ruins represented the remains of a Frankish farm the Vikings had attacked during their campaign, so it made sense that my Force included a priest and his attendant, bent on enforcing the wrath of God upon the heathens.

The forces array behind their respective commanders
 In Warlords, the leaders of the units start in advance of their troops, as if in a hopeless parley, or intending to duel.  Both of us were backed up by loyal brethren, though in the case of the Franks rather more of these were horseflesh and man...

Fresh looking Vikings!
Tired looking Franks!
 Gaining the first turn, my Lord bravely high tailed it back to his own lines!  But this was at least lateral movement as his troops dashed forward to support him.

The Franks Advance
 On the left flank I saw an opportunity for easy meat, and stampeded six of my mounted nobles into Gavs Hirdmen, but I hadn't seen he had thoughts of Valhalla prepared on his battle board, and knowing his time was likely come he sacrificed three men to the gods and used some other dice to ultimately nearly triple his combat pool.

A bold Charge...
 The result was murderous: Repelled
 I decided I needed to be more careful with my remaining Milites, and so threw them wide to the right in the hope of drawing the enemy away from their lord, then I could us my manoeuvrability to outpace them and strike at a hopefully isolated leader.

The Warlord leads a Flanking Manoeuvre
 In the centre it was down to my infantry  to thin out his, mostly with their bows.

Hirdmen Suffer Withering Fire
 The Vikings again played their tricks - the power of Loki no doubt - forcing the crossbowmen to move instead.  Not a problem, the Vikings were so close, the Franks could simply charge them and make as it turned out a quicker conclusion to proceedings.
A Pincer move Develops
 The Vikings were by now running out of men, but the various action had cost my warlord a few cuts and bruises, and by the terms of the scenario my foe was ahead.  I needed to pull out all the stops in the final turn to outrun his withdrawing lord and deal him maximum harm.  I used the Frankish abilities to move my spearmen at the double and allied to an attack by my lord, I gave the Viking a brutal sustained attack.

The Frankish Lord and his priest goad a Final Assault
 But it didn't do quite enough.  My lord had 9 wounds to Gav's seven.  He won the game therefore by a narrow margin.  Never mind the loss of virtually all his men!

Few survive, but the Viking Lord Prevails
A typically bloody game of Saga!


  1. Saga Rule Number 1: "He who survives gets to tell the bard his version of the battle that will be sung in the Great Hall."

    Looks like you guys had a good time. Thanks for writing up the "Saga" and sharing it with us. I wonder what version the Frankish Bards will be telling?!

  2. Saga looks like it produces a fun game. I'm tempted for my next project.