Monday, March 07, 2016

The last Bondi

I began this new force of Vikings back in 2012, and after three and a half years of stilted progress I can finally call them finished with the addition of a final unit of bondsmen:

Team Burgundy
Almost a shame that this last unit should be the one where I feel I got the muted colours for the rank and file right.  This gives me a compact little force of 7 different units and a Warlord, for Saga; some 37 models all told.  It would be nice to improve the Warlord's base to match the softer shape of the others, and add a unit of bowmen in due course.  But as they stand they are pretty pleasing:

In all their glory
Certainly they show huge leaps in quality over my old Vikings, even if these chaps had more variety in pose going on thanks to being metal.

One last hurrah!
Still for these gentlemen it is finally time to go to the halls of Valhalla, well, ebay anyway!  Hopefully, being in good nick and passably painted these will recoup a few bob into the paypal account.

In the meantime perhaps I need to get back in touch with my old Saga opponent, a new family got in the way of our games last year, but hopefully he can be tempted back to the battlefield soon...

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