Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ojibwa Indians - The War of 1812

So I promised something Napoleonic that was a little different, and here it is.

 The Ojibwa were one of the tribal nations of the lower Great Lakes, part of Tecumseh's coalition of disparate tribes fighting for the British against America, ostensibly on the promise of an independent nation in the event of victory.

These represent the first of three batches, to eventually create a force of 24 men, I may add a chieftain if I can find a suitable model.  These are the former Wargames Factory Woodland Indians, now available via Warlord Games.  Superb looking models, though the posing is as fixed as it is dynamic, if that makes sense...

The painting technique is my usual style, but the warpaint was applied as a thin glaze and then highlighted again, over he finished flesh tones.  This seemed to work well enough.


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