Sunday, July 22, 2018

9eme Bis Hussars

The 9th Bis Hussars were a French Cavalry formation that served on many fronts, but was stationed in Spain around 1811-12, including service at the Siege of Valencia.

Full squadrons
 I made and painted these as Hussars in campaign equipment, using the new(ish) Perry Chasseurs set, per their recommendations.  The Bis, as it's name suggests, was only a partial regiment, with about half the normal complement.  The rest of the troops being siphoned off to Russia.

In campaign equipment these troops appear to have worn scarlet coats and brown - Spanish cloth - overalls.

Up close
Consequently I chose not to put the trumpeter in reversed colours.  Though to be fair, if he was, you'd scarcely tell.  The facing red is almost the same as the main coat colour.  I did choose to place the elite company in Fur Busby's however.  This seemed reasonable.

This brings me up to 4 French cavalry regiments now.  Which is starting to feel more useful, I think more are required yet, but it may be a return to infantry units next.



  1. Very cool! I just picked up the Chasseur set and saw the options for hussars. Well done!