Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I have played some other games too...

In my blogging downtime there were a number of games, more than I bothered to get photo's of actually.  In no particular order here are a few.

A war of 1812 Skirmish game was an opportunity to play a Napoleonics game at a smaller scale.

 American Infantry, including Rangers and Militia try to seize a farm from those devious British.
The British would prove victorious on this occasion however.  We used Song of Drums and Shako; which work, but are rather too slow and lacking in character given how small the formations are.  I feel there is work to do finding a set that works for us; suitable for 10-30 miniatures a side, with individuality but playable in three hours or less.

We've also played a couple of English Civil War games, in 15mm, using Black Powder.  James T, one of my regular opponents inherited a classic collection of miniatures and so our games can stretch to grander encounters.

 We played with my usual one page of modifications to BP, which is all I feel it needs to cover the mid 17th century.  'Pike and Shotte' are wholly unsatisfactory, and this modification at least ensures we all know the rules we are using.

Lastly, going waaaay back, here are a couple of shots of my display game at Pudsey Recon.

 We played Dragon Rampant, using my Kobolds and Giants in a couple of epic struggles.  Honours ended even on the day with both me and Gav winning a game; or alternately as a whitewash, with the Giants winning both games.

The snow/frost effect is nothing more than Bicarbonate of Soda, which worked quite well as a quickie effect.

That's all for now...



  1. Hi For 1812 have you tried either Sharpes Practice 2 (two Fat Lardies(there is plenty of 1812 stuff related too it about) or I use Cousin Jonathan a free set on Perfect Captain site. Both full of character and pretty quick. Rupe

    1. oops meant John Bull perfect Captain Rules.

  2. Diversified and nice looking games!