Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mantic Terrain Crate

What feels like an eternity ago I put in on a Kickstarter for Mantic Miniatures, based on plastic terrain pieces.  Well, they finally arrived.  And they are, pretty good.

As you can see, its a big box, packed with bits

Here is just a selection, with Stan for scale (28mm)
 There are probably more than 80 pieces in the set, including a dozen wall sections, six fence sections, three each of the tens, a horse and cart, supplies and battlefield detritus.

It is a fairly firm polymer plastic, much like modern board game miniatures tend to be made from.  Some pieces arrived warped out the mould, but treatment with boiling water, then dipped into iced water works well to allow for straightening.  The parts naturally want to return to the shape of the mould.

I managed to get paint on some of the simplest pieces this week.  I think they work pretty well.

 Stan for scale again

Nice details on the gate
This boxed set cot me about £45, the individual sections of which are beginning to appear on their website priced from £8 and up, however all told the Kickstarter crate is probably worth about £80-100; so I'm happy I got one how I did.


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