Tuesday, January 03, 2017

War Trolls Horde

Although working very hard over the festivities, I did find a little time to do a few hours painting.  I've finished a couple of projects which will see the light of day in due course, but for today lets have a look at those War Trolls I purchased a few weeks ago...
A Kings of War Regiment
 These are only very simply painted, to conform to the standards of my Orcs and Goblins army which is predominantly flat colours and a shaded wash.  This can result in a crude look up close; not frankly helped by these models.  Don't get me wrong, they are not that bad in terms of intended detail, but it is the sort of work a good paint job would really bring to life; a simple paint job like this is not going to bring every element of that out.

Another one, two together make a Horde!
Annoyingly, as usual in small formations my efforts to randomise the regiments were stymied the mixture of models and paint schemes, my eye is always drawn to where the unit ends up looking uniform.  Case in point, I randomised the flesh of the trolls, but ended up with both blue-grey trolls on the same base, so I swapped them about, and lo, ended up with two of the same pose on the same base.  Sod it!

The only conversion work was to swap and pin some of the weapons, but I think it would be possible to repose some of the arms.  Nevertheless I'm hoping that a second set is forthcoming from Dark Alliance.  

These were not the most fun to paint, being all greys, browns and metals with little to break it up and muddy detail to interpret; but they were at least quick and it does add a decent whack of points and fighting strength to my Kings of War army.  

It may inspire me to knock out a few more quick pieces for the Orcs and goblins too.


  1. Well, they look fine in a blog pic and I bet they'll look great on a tabletop from three feet away. Big stompy units like that are always fun to use.

  2. Looking good, I hope to meet them on the field of battle sometime!