Saturday, January 28, 2017

Back to Kings of War - Orcs

When I'd finished my assignments for the semester I did find some time for painting over the course of the holiday period and early January.  Amongst a few other projects I managed to knock out some more Orcs and Goblins (unphotographed) for my KoW greenskin force.

Firstly a troop of converted 6th Ed. Orc Bows; now equipped with choppas and crude shields:

 As you can probably tell, they are rather crammed in on a 125x50mm base.  Ten models have to be ranked with six in the front to stan any chance of fitting in.  The effect is that of an aggressive shield wall; but this doesn't make ranking up multiple bases easy, to say the least:

There's quite a gap there!
 Less troublesome were these 4th/5th Ed. Bows, forming a troop of Skulkers.  These are led byan old metal Orc (bonus points for where he's from) and a converted musician from an old DnD game, I think.

Now there is nothing fancy to any of these, hence they were simple and quick to do.  A lot of the colour variation is simply produced by working with a steadily renewed single base colour - blended and applied as one goes.

For example, start with a basic green for Orc flesh and paint two orcs with it.  Add a drop of brown, mix and paint two more.  Add a darker green, mix and paint two more; and so on.  Soon you have lots of variety for little effort, also a good range of subdued, muddy, Orcish colours (it also works well as a process for medieval and barbaric types).

Finally a glazed varnish was applied for protection and shading.

Alongside 10 goblin spears also done, this adds about 400 points to my KoW forces - including the Trolls finished a few weeks ago.

I found I had a bigger window than first anticipated, and so there was time to do a few more Orcs, but I'm a mini gamer, we know how we get that way... A new shiny project distracted me.

But that will wait for another day.


  1. What are those shields from?

    1. Slaters embossed styrene sheet - planking effect. Available from most model railway/railroad stores. Cut into various shield shapes and then shield blazon from 6th Ed. GW sets added.

  2. Liking the shield wall, they definitely give the impression they're forcing back the enemy / bashing their faces in with the shield. Re: upping them to 20 strong units, just use a different troop behind them. Only the front couple of ranks need shields, as they die the guys behind'll pick em up. Not as if Orcs need unified weapons anyway!

    Though I do worry they'll have trouble ever making base contact properly, may be one to get an 'actual position' marker in play when they charge / get charged.