Monday, January 16, 2017

Clearing the Decks

Some time ago I sold off my 28mm World War Two collections.

Well, nearly.

I actually had the contents of the Original Warlord Bolt Action starter set, and a couple of other bits, to do something with; but after selling my own collection (and deciding that for WW2, my heart was always set on 20mm) there was little motivation to do anything with them.  The intent was to sell them on eBay at some stage, but to get any return from them they needed to be painted in my opinion.

Well I've eventually got around to dealing with them, and will stick them up for sale in a week or two (experience says wait until after people's payday!).

A weak German Platoon

Sections based around an MG team

Leutnant, Medic and fire support
 The Germans were done first, and as should be apparent they are basically done using the same method as I use for 20mm models.

An American two section sized detachment

These lucky fellows have a Jeep loaded up with equipment

One of two 8 man fire teams
The same process was applied the US infantry.

I always have an issue with US uniform, mine tend to be greener than most wargamers paint them.  But there is plenty of evidence that this is fine; it's clear that US uniform faded badly in service, but it seems the Cinema is responsible for much of the perception of the uniform being shades of brown.

Incidentally the Jeep is a Matchbox die-cast; 1:58th scale according to the underside.  Looks the part though and I think it was the princely sum of £1.50.

So I'm going to get these shifted, and think of something worthy to do with whatever fund they raise.  A contribution to my favoured club in some form springs to mind...

I'll update when the Sales go up, in a week or so.

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