Sunday, January 22, 2017

First Game of the Year - Beastmen vs. Kobolds

Paul looks like being a more regular attendee for the club in the coming year, his daughter having got through the teething and toddling stages of the most sleepless nights, and a move nearer to the heart of Leeds in the offing for his family.  This means we were in the position to try and arrange games again after a long hiatus, and after the grand battle to wrap up last year I thought a good place to start would be with another game of Dragon Rampant, but this time on opposite sides of the table.

Paul's Beastmen would face my Kobolds in a ruined jungle temple setting; we selected 30 point armies and took the standard Bloodbath scenario so that Paul could get used to the system.

Naturally Paul's army looks impressive, his brushmanship is top notch - though I think he told me the Shaggoth thing was someone else's handiwork...

 For my part I'm perfectly happy with my Kobolds.  What they lack in stature against the beastmen they made up in numbers and their more eclectic units.

Looking at the situation I decided to take some high risk boasts, one of which certainly would reduce my potency if I allowed it to become a long range game.  We both had wizards, but I decided to boast that mine would cast no spells, worth three points if I achieved it; alongside that I declared the Shaggoth a hated foe (2pts) and that my scouts would destroy a unit solely with their crossbow fire (1pt).

Battle was joined and I took the first turn, managing a general advance, slowed by some reluctance.  After a couple of turns the forces were coming into range of one another.

On my Left the scouts and Insect herders made swift progress, eventually charging and routing the Beastmen warriors.

Paul, was also in the process of losing his Chaos Hounds, so turned his Shaggoth to cover his flank.  I had turned my Jabberwock to the left, before wild charge urges took it out of commission and set a trap baited with Insects I knew the Shaggoth couldn't resist charging.

Alas he did resist, on account of low rolls for a couple of turns, and meanwhile in the temple yards Paul's Minotaurs advanced to take on all comers.

It did not entirely go well for them, and although I suffered losses of light troops my elite leader and his wizard evaded destruction.  Paul's leader retired to where his wizard could try to heal him.  In the distance an attritional battle between the Shaggoth and Jabberwock was only slowly going my way.

My leader and a handful of survivors did their best to keep out of sight and out of range.  The Shaggoth finally succumbed, and it left the Jabberwock close enough to the Minotaur leader to make a surprise attack to his rear.  They went on to wipe one another out.

He was caught and slain.  With only four units left on the board the game clock rolled an end.  On the table it was a narrow victory to me, 11 points of surviving units to 10, but I had completed two of my boasts to only a minor one for Paul,  I came out of the game with a 16-11 win.


The Kobolds are a feisty foe, despite their tiny size.  For once the Scouts were not the star payer, though they did survive to the end of the battle as usual and throw out some useful support.  My wizard holding his fire was an astute move, and really helped tip the game for me.  I think Paul kept his wizard at a distance wary of mine engaging, in fact the bluff was enough.

So a good way to start the year.  Next time out with DR I might try a different army though.

Which will be easy, as I just finished a quick and cheeky one; but more on that another day....


  1. Good report and some very nice looking models. But the thing you are calling a Centigor, is actually a Shaggoth. Centigor are much smaller.