Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Plastic Late Romans for Salute

Thanks to Von Peter Himself for spotting these before me:

GBP09 Late Roman Infantry (plastic) (44)
Ooooh.... [linky]
These are due out before the end of the month, well at least if you are able to make it to Salute, for the rest of us mere mortals it may take a little longer.  To the best of my knowledge this is the first time this period has been touched in 28mm plastic, but there is plenty of potential to a set like this so it's a good choice.

GBP09 Late Roman Infantry (plastic) (44)
Only 5 torsos?

Pack makes 16 bowmen, 16 unarmoured and 8 armoured infantry, along with 4 command figures; a criticism would have to be that it looks to be spreading the basic poses a bit thinly, but the specific subject matter may mean this isn't too bad a problem - drilled troops and all that.

Salute is traditionally the time of year Gripping Beast releases a plastic set, and often it is when the Perries, Warlord and others make big announcements; we'll have to see what comes to pass....


  1. I've been hoping for a while for someone would make late Roman plastics for a while but not entirely won over by this set. Discounting the archers there are only three basic infantry bodies.

    I want to take a closer look at the Intercisa helmets as they don't quite look 'right' from the shots of the sprues.

    I wonder how many people will buy these figures based on the excellent box artwork rather than the contents.

  2. I largely agree Matt. Gripping Beast appear to be able to afford only the smallest frames with the most limited range of poses (in fairness last year we got two cavalry sets, but iirc the horse frames were shared). An army made with just these five poses would look very samey, like an army of 1960's/70's vintage metals. When production standards are so high otherwise I'm sure gamers would've preferred a full sized sprue of 10-12 poses, but I suspect the level of investment for what GB may see as a limited range was deemed an excessive risk.

  3. Good point about the level of investment, something I hadn't really considered.

    It appears Gripping Beast are due to release Late Roman cavalry as well later in the year, something that hasn't been announced before, as far as I know. (around 1:30)