Sunday, April 24, 2016

A visit to the Royal Armouries

If it's been quiet on the blog, well that's understandable, I've been neck deep in Masters Degree study for a very long time; a very-very long time.  But having completed a fiendish programming assignment yesterday, I was able to justify a day off today, and this timed nicely with the Royal Armouries in Leeds' 'RAGE' Gaming event; an event timed to coincide with the unveiling of the Agincourt diorama (more on that later in the week folks).

Obligatory up-shot...
The Royal Armouries Gaming Event, so far as I know is in its' second year; last years' event as Napoleonic themed, and this year was also themed, not unsurprisingly to the Hundred Years War theme reflecting the Agincourt subject of the weekend.

This year the event was in the smaller Newsroom on the 4th floor of the Armouries, but in terms of games it probably had only one or two fewer than the previous year.  Not being a traditional convention, there were no traders and on this day no Display games; just a dozen or so participation games.  The Royal Armouries had generously provided each group with attractive little display stands, which made the whole even look a little more professional, and made you humble author's task of recall far easier.

That said, we kick off with  a Game whose presenters eluded my camera.  The game appeared to be called 'St. Crispin's Day' and the rules looked homebrew.  Nice scenery and what looked to be mainly Perry Miniatures.
Free figures for participants to take away too
 Derby Wargames Associates had a couple of games, using some very familiar terrain mats.  This one was another skirmish based game featuring only a handful of models.

 My very own Headingley Games Club represented with the DBMM players putting on a 15mm version of Agincourt, featuring plenty of beautifully painted miniatures.

 It's just a shame that DBMM is a system apparently prejudiced against the use of decent scenery.  I've kept the photographs tight here to hide the horrible spray-painted pieces of cardboard masquerading as woods and hills.

Damn fine 15mm painting tho'
 Doncaster Wargames Society, went with a slightly different feel, and presented Sluys; with papercraft ships.  The models were oddly effective, in a retro way.  Unlike the sea...

It's material; somewhere someone is wearing that!
At the time I missed the club presenting the best game visually at the show; I'm since informed it was Harrogate Wargames Club.  One of several 'thematic' interpretations of Harfleur, this one used Lion Rampant in a scenario based on sallying forth against the siegeworks.

Good numbers of  28mm minitures
And well painted to boot
With decent scenery
 If I'd had the time to play one game this would possibly have been it.  Though I also could see the appeal of the absolute retro presentation by the Peterborough Wargames crew:

D Featherstone would be proud
This was part produced by one of the bloggers I follow Mike W over at Trouble At T'Mill.  I should have said hi, but I'm a stalker when it comes to my blogging!

 Lastly the Leeds Wargames Club decided ugly was this years' new look, and made spray painted scenery and seventies fashion waves look like maximum effort.  Sure you can make a wargame out of stuff in the cupboard, as their version of Agincourt propounds; or you could play a decent boardgame version of the same.  Or at least bring some models!

There were a couple of other games on ,but I didn't get decent enough pictures of any of them.  Overall it was  nice enough way to spend the hour or so I had to spare, and good to see some regular everyday museum visitors enjoying a bit of gaming.


  1. Nice report on the Rage event. Pity I missed it 'again' but good you've covered it with some fine photo's. Looks to have been another good show.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments on the Harfleur game which was put on by the Harrogate Wargames Club.