Sunday, April 03, 2016

10 Years is a long time on the Internet

Yep.  It turns out today is the tenth anniversary for my little blog.

When I started writing this blog a decade ago, it was with the intention of recording my wargames - at a time when I was just managing to get regular gaming in again - and to do more writing, to stir some creative juices.

It has worked to a point, though gaming levels have fluctuated wildly over time, presently being on something of an enforced low; whilst my creative juices are tending to flow into other projects at the moment.  Nonetheless I'm pleased I've managed to keep it going this far, and I do hope to continue when time permits.

So far as wargames, my last one was a month ago, but if I could rely on one a month I would feel I was doing well, half that rate seems more plausible,  Painting continues, with a regiment of French Napoleonics on the table at the minute, but the Masters study rather intrudes upon the time for such trivialities.  Add to that a return to the mountains for a couple of snowboarding trips this winter and you have many reasons why the blog output has been low.

Time, opportunities and motivation.  But everything is cyclical.  There are some topics I want to address in the future at some point, as well as the completion or continuation of some projects.  I won't expect a 20 year anniversary, any more than I did the 10th; but you never know....


  1. Hey, well done. It's not just a ten year presence, but a substantial number of posts too. Good work!

  2. 10 years is a fantastic achievement, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! How many posts is that!?

    1. David, turns out it's 864 posts, that's about one every 4.25 days....