Friday, January 15, 2016

More Basing Business

Having got a bunch of Goblins rebased before Xmas I got on with a few of the Orcs whilst revising.

The same principles were applied as to the Gobbo bases, though with the Orcs it increasingly became a challenge getting them to fit and rank up:

Orc Ax Horde
 To be fair, this was not the issue with the older chaps, being somewhat smaller than modern Orcs.  I managed to mix four different plastic poses and a pair of metal miniatures to get a suitably irregular finish to the unit:

Classic metals lead the plastic masses
 For the 6th Ed. 'Gorilla' Orcs, everything was to be a tight squeeze.  In Kings of War Morax come in maximum units of 20 so rebasing forty models generated two units.  The Banner boy is along as fresh from the repairs shop!

Choppa, choppa, choppa!
 As you can see below they are crammed together, but unlike their previous iteration, theye happily rank up behind one another:

So that's another 80 models, or about 600 points of figures converted to the new standard.  Having had a sort through and a proper audit, I find I've enough models for three more hordes and another Morax regiment.  Alongside these are a couple of troops of bows, cavalry and many more goblins to tend to.

A lot of work yet to come...

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