Sunday, January 24, 2016

G'n'P M3 Lee

Next up for my little Girls und Panzer project is a subtle little number:
Image result for team rabbit M3 lee
Team Rabbit

I picked up the new (to mee) Zvezda 1:100 scale M3 to add to the collection and had a go at the vivid pink of the anime series: 

I think in the end the shaded wash effected the colour too much, but it's certainly an unusual finish for a tank!
As to the kit itself, compared to the really simple early Art of Tactic models the M3 is rather complicated, with almost 20 parts.  These serve to put a complicated superstructure together without significant loss of details.  I would highly recommend the model to those looking for a 15mm version of this tank.  At about £3 you cant complain!

So I guess I should find a decent model of the final, most obscure, tank in the opening line up of Oorai High School.  This may take a while, and cost a fair bit more...

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  1. Nice I'm tempted to re paint all my american ww2 FoW !