Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Technically, I'm not at a computer right now, but I had a backlog of output from the holiday season to get on the blog so this is a long distance call!

Amongst the side projects that I put across the 'painting table' recently, was a unit of Viking Beserkers for my revamped Saga force.

 These are the Crusader Miniatures set, good value at £5.60 for four, but if I'm hyper critical one or two of them look rather too generic for my eye.
'n Rear
 I did some patterns on the clothes to reflect the likely wealthy status or at least sponsorship of these individuals.  But mainly these were an opportunity to do some serious flesh-tones.

Check out my abs!  If you don't like 'em I'll brain ya!
I managed some nice work on the six packs and went as far as four or five layers of highlighting to get the look I wanted.  No chest hair or tattoos, though I was tempted by both.

With these finished I can scrape together a six point Saga warband in my new models, painted to a far higher standard than my old collection.  I know have to decide what to do with those older models, as they are part of one of my first properly painted and expensively bought armies.  There is a little sentimentality attached to them I guess.

Hopefully not too much to cloud my vision...

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