Monday, April 27, 2015

Perrywatch, Spring

I've been on my holidays, the last post was cunningly set to launch whilst I was absent.  Getting home I see the Perry's have finally updated their websites' work-in-progress section:

French HYW Infantry
So far as I can see this'll be the third version in plastic of these...
Whilst this is new, and should prove popular

The rumour mill has previously suggested British heavy light dragoons were on the way, I guess we will see (future Dean: Yes, they are now up on the production list), but I for one am very excited for the French infantry set above - it opens up so many possibilities.

I was also made aware of this via a friend, from Warlord:

3-ups for Portuguese and clearly nearly ready French Chasseurs au Cheval
Unsurprisingly after Salute the news will trickle out with some regularity

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